Quick Spot on Pinup Vintage Style and Bumper Bang Fascinator

I love SoCal. I lived there for a time and loved the cute sexy Rockabilly look.  Jeans are a staple out there and making them sexy a must. In a town that Hollywood built and created the Pinup, it only makes sense that the Rockabilly Vintage Style community started there. So with that in mind, here is a quick easy go to look ala Pinup SoCal Style. The look:

  1. Flared jeans. Roll them up pegged style to mid calf.
  2. Cute SS sweater. 
  3. Cardigan.
  4. Vintage brooches.
  5. Vintage style hair flowers, fascinator or tilt hat.

For me and the beauty segment, I chose a messy ponytail, 1940s cosmetics and 1950s nails. Rockabilly hair is usually ponytail, pompadour or French twist.  

For shoes, platforms are a must. Make sure they are slimming not wide. For my head here, I chose the new pinup style fascinator which can be Shopped in the HeatherModeWardrobe Etsy Shop which gives a sort of bumper bang with hair flowers look. 

Pinup Bumper Bang Fascinator

This Fascinator is easy to style with the super slim stretch cord which can be hidden or seen. 

So there you go. Easy affordable and always sexy and stylish Rockabilly Pinup SoCal look.

See my YouTube Channel for Style Segments and this look with vintage style tilt hats.


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