Go To Hair Products for Shine, Lift and Repair

Today on my first Beauty Spot, I am focusing on hair style products. I tried these Promo items and loved them.

The Schwarzkopf Ultime line is by big name in European Hair Color Schwarzkopf. For my vintage style hair styles, I used these:

  • Crystal Shine Hair Spray
  • Omega Repair

The products have such a lovely scent and are easy to use which is a must for go to everyday.  But for my light fine hair, I can’t use products everyday as it weighs it down too much.  So when my ends need help and my hair is a little untidy, I use the Omega Repair. It’s very light and gives it a little shine and keeps the fly ways away which is really important for fine hair.  The hair spray works well so little goes a long way. Having a hairspray that leaves the hair smelling good is important because you don’t want to spend time looking your best then have stinky product residue. 

Even though these are promos, I use them and love them.


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