No Foyling Around Vintage Style

Hollywood during the Golden Era set fashions the world over. During the war years American Style was developed not just in New York but on the studio lots of Hollywood. 

I lived in La-la land for quite a few years. You can’t help being influenced by Hollywood no matter what you do. I caught the bug of the love of Golden Era Costume Design. After reading many books, I realized how much those designers helped develop American Style then and now. Today most of the fashions on film are by Fashion Designers unless it is a period piece and then designers like Sandy Powell delve into history and fantasy to create the fashions on film. 

Today, I just watched 1940 Kitty Foyle for which Ginger Rogers won the Academy Award and Renie designed the costumes. The Kitty Foyle look kicked off the 1940s look of simple aline dresses. The Kitty Foyle dress became popular with American Women I think because it was simple to make and looked good on anyone. It was a dark knee length dress with a soft aline and white collar and cuffs. A Victorian influence could be seen in some of the looks with high collars and lace 

My Kitty Foyle Pinboard

In 1939 dresses were leaning toward this look from the more formal look of the 1930s Glam era. A big star wearing dresses that women all over America could wear in their every day lives was revolutionary.  This look is just as fresh today as it was in 1940. The lines are fun, flirty, feminine and easy to wear and it looks smashing with a hat.

If you have not seen this movie then do yourself a favor and get it. 

You can find the featured image on


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