The Tilt is The New 40s Style Doll Hat

HeatherModeWardrobe Tilt Hat 1940s Style

What’s a Doll Hat? Well it’s a small to petite version of a normal size hat. It’s was said to have been dubbed the “Doll Hat” by Elsa Schapirelli because they could fit on a doll’s head. But there are other stories of how it came to be known as the “Doll Hat”.  Women started wearing top sitting hats during the end of the 1930s to reveal their hair DOS.  Then in the 1940s during the war years when fabrics were being restricted and rationed milliners created Doll Hats which became the way for women to add panache, wit, humor and flirtiness to a look.  

To me this style of hat is timeless. It’s return came in the form of the round tilts that Duchess Kate brought into Vogue.  Since then with the rise in vintage style the top sitting perch hats have come into style.  I for one love the style and it is my specialty as a milliner.  This style of hat won’t hide a hair style but reveal it.  Here are some original Doll Hats:

Orignal Doll Hat from

1939 Sears Catalogue Hat


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