Vintage Style Tilts Hats For Everyday Cocktail Occasion

The tilt hat is one of the most popular go to styles for special occasions.  Think of Duchess Kate. The style is wonderful for Derby and weddings but what about other times in our everyday lives where we want to wear the tilt style but not so formal.  To answer that need, I have created a new line of little top sitting one size tilt hats for a woman to wear to cocktails, parties, concerts, fashion shows, etc.  The new line starts with a light weight felt in 1940s Doll Hat inspired designs.  Fun, funky, chic and super stylish these little hats can top off a modern to vintage style look.  Here are the first of the new collection.

Cream Tilt

Black Gold Tilt
Black Cat Bow Tilt

All of these are one size and sit on top tilted forward or to side. On underside is a hair comb that makes it easy to style and wear. For a how to and for more views visit my YouTube.

Shop The Looks


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