Where and When To Wear Vintage Style Hats

Yesterday I was purusing Instagram and I saw a post with some davoom 1940s tilt hats. Of course, I commented but I read someone else’s comment that they did not have enough places to wear such hats. Which let me say ladies – Hogwash! Why is it women will buy a pair of shoes they will not wear every day but for some reason they think in order to justify buying a pretty hat they have to wear it all the time?  As a milliner I take offense to this notion. A hat to me is more on point than a pair of shoes. Because people walk around upright and your face is first they see and greet. A great hat lifts a look, mood and eyes.  Here are places to wear great true vintage to vintage style hats, then click yourself over to my Etsy Shop for a new hat.

  1. Weddings – whether you are bride, guest or maid of honor.
  2. Clubbing – out with friends going dancing, bar hopping, kareoke, etc.
  3. Dinner Parties – who doesn’t want an excuse to wear a great hat and new look while entertaining.
  4. Cocktails – having drinks just begs for a stunning chapeau. They get you noticed, add allure and start conversation.
  5. Concerts – yes get your hat on when listening to your fave bands.
  6. Brunch with your crew- Better get swanky for them.
  7. Uptown shopping and lunch’s- Pleaseee, you just should.
  8. Teas- and if you don’t do teas well you should.
  9. Church or Temple- Need to look your best.
  10. Parties- Whether yours or someone else put on that hat.
  11. Fashion Shows- these have become more of social events. So if you want to get ahead, then wear a great hat.
  12. Dates- picking the right hat will give you confidence and let them know so much about you.
  13. Outdoor soirees- during the year especially in the sun just needs a great hat.
  14. Horses races- Kentucky Derby and beyond. Enough said.

Picking the right hat is no different than picking the right pair of shoes. A hat does not accessorize, it helps define a look. During the hey day of great fashion hats, women put great thought and time in choosing their headwear. Trust me take some time to get the right hat for you and your looks.


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