Good Over Coming Evil in Style

I might as well start at the beginning. The reason I chose Heather Mode Wardrobe for my Etsy Shop was Heather Mode and The Wardrobe was too long so I shortened the name. I discovered I liked the shortened version better so that is what my blog and shop are called now.  However, my WordPress is HeatherModeandWardrobe because I accidentally deleted HeatherModeWardrobe WordPress and now I cannot reuse it. But such is life. 

In fashion you have to over come the obstacles. I loved CS Lewis The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe growing up. Entering a magical world through a beautiful wardrobe intrigued me. But it’s the beauty of the story of good over coming evil and women helping to do that, that prompted me to use a name that was a take on the book but about what I do.  I design and create hats and dresses. I am influenced by vintage couture, Millinery, pinup style and Old Hollywood Costume.  I don’t recreate but rather I let those interests inspire me to create modern hats that are beautiful, flirty, accessible, stylish and wearable for our everyday lives whether going to a horse barn, shopping, beach, brunch, dinner, dates, cocktails, and so much more.  To me when I put on a great fashion hat I feel beautiful and confident in a way that is magical a bit Fairytale. Hence the name meaning for my line, shop and Blog. 

So there you have it. Welcome to the blog. I will post about my shop, line, designs, interest, millinery, and more. So click over to HeatherModeWardrobe for a New Chapeau.


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